Unfortunately, there are no miracle ways to add inches to your height, at least not immediately. Height is mostly determined through the genes that are passed down from parents to children. This means that 80% of height is dependent on these genes.

Only about 20% of your height is influenced by the environment you live in. This means the food you eat, your overall health, your activity level, and good sleep. Until your growth plates close, you can improve your environment to add a few inches of extra height to your frame.

For most people, the growth stops at around 20 years of age, and for women that can be around 18 years. If you’re yet to reach that age, then you can try improving your environment to add a few extra inches to your height.


Diet plays a huge role in influencing our health. If your health is good, you’ll grow better too. Try to have a diet that is balanced and rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. This means you’ll have to stay away from junk food, cakes, sodas, and other things that sabotage your diet.

Reach out for salads, fish, lean protein, good fats, and other healthy fruits and vegetables that improve your health. With enough consumption of food that is rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, you will be able to grow taller.

Lean Protein

Lean Protein

Good proteins such as lean proteins are considered the building blocks for your body. They help you grow strong and taller by strengthening your muscles, bones, and cartilage. So try to eat a lot of protein throughout your day.  Also great for your t levels.

At least two of your meals should have a total of 5 ounces of lean protein in order to reach the recommended amount needed to grow tall. You may need to increase this amount if you are a guy and you exercise a lot.

You can also get protein from poultry, eggs, fish, nuts, and seeds.

Get Vitamin D in your Diet

Vitamin D also helps you grow stronger and taller. It directly works on your muscles and promotes muscle growth in young children. When Vitamin D is not present in recommended quantities in your body, you may face stunted growth. With stunted growth, your height may stop indefinitely and you may not reach your maximum intended height during your growing age.

Add Zinc to your Diet

Research has proven that a deficiency of Zinc can also stunt growth. Zinc doesn’t really make you stronger and taller, but it can help you keep away from stunted growth. You can get good amounts of zinc through seafood, lamb, and spinach.

Add Calcium to your Diet

Calcium also does not directly influence your height, but it is an essential nutrient that helps strengthen bones which is very important for your growth. The stronger your bones are, the firmer your frame will be and stronger frame means you may grow taller than you are intended to.


Okay, when all else fails, take some grow taller pills.  I know this may sound crazy, but there are many of them on the market for sale.