If you’re launching a new fitness clothing line and are new to marketing and selling fashion here are some great ideas to get you started profitably.

Let’s say that you’re having your custom logo printed on fitness T-shirts, these and other gym apparel now you’re ready to start selling but where do you start?

These ideas are from successful fashion entrepreneurs will get you promoting and selling both online and off-line.

The first step to growing your fitness brand is to meet new people they could become potential buyers that are not your family or friends. When you meet these new people you’ll get feedback and will learn a lot that will help you succeed going forward.

Find the influencers

In every fitness studio, there are one or more influencers who are good looking and would make a great brand ambassador for your fitness line.

Recruit these people and asked them to be fitness models to where your apparel line and recommended to their friends.

Give them your apparel free in exchange for their agreement for a photo shoot that you can use the photos online in your social media campaigns product catalog or e-commerce website.

Pick a good location that will highlight your garments such as the gym, a beach or a plain white background.

A great way to get action shots is to photograph this person during their workout. Arrange with the gym to do it early in the morning or late at night to avoid inconveniencing gym patrons.

Before long you will have other gym members asking about where they can buy the great outfits your influencer is sporting.


Put on a trunk show

Traditionally trunk shows in the fashion industry would be when a designer brings their line to a particular retailer and stages a mini fashion show. You could do a more mobile and inexpensive version out of the trunk of your car.

Your first customers will likely be at your fitness studio so load your car up with your items and be in the parking lot at around 5 o’clock which is typically the busiest time of day.

Parking in a conspicuous area and open up your trunk and display your products nicely and get ready to make sales. Have your phone equipped with my recommended mobile card reader QuickBooks Gopayment app to accept credit cards on our mobile phone. Also, have cash in small bills to make a change

you could also have a model or two standing by your vehicle wearing your line. Don’t forget to have business cards or brochures to give to people with your web address so they can go online and purchase items at their convenience.


Instagram social media

Using social media requires less cash and more time. One of the best fashion social media outlets is Instagram. Even though you are a small company you can reach out to major fashion and influencers on Instagram who may be interested in promoting your line.

Network with many groups of people and bloggers who are interested in health and fitness and send them pictures of your items along with your web addresses.

Define influencers on Instagram type in the search box keywords that relate to your brand such as fitness, exercising, health, diet, leisure where. Here you will find promoters models and groups where you can show your line and meet new customers.

In fact, you could direct message influencers with a nice note such as hi my name is Bob Smith and I own fitness Inc. and would love to send you some free clothes for your review. Here’s our page and showing you close we are promoting and would you be interested.  

For busy entrepreneurs, I recommend using 99 dollar social to run all our campaigns with good quality at a low price.