Fitness is something most of us take very seriously and often get stuck on how to go about building muscle while we are on a row to maintain the fitness levels for which all the effort being put in. Here are a few guiding principles for you to abide by along the way.

The Main Things to Consider As You Try to Pack on Muscle

Keep an eye on healthy fats

Earlier in time, the term ‘healthy fats’ seemed like there is a contradiction in the words, nowadays there is more knowledge in this, where carbohydrates and fats are often thought of in negative health terms but the fact is that they are very much needed and in sufficient doses. If you are trying to gain muscle, then a great source of calories is fat which offers you double of what both proteins and carbs put together can. Fat will give you 9 calories per gram whereas carbs and proteins will give you 4 calories per gram. How calories can actually be good is very valid concern once could have, and so it is important to note that the quality of calories is of very high importance when you are trying to build quality muscle, you can get these from fish, nuts and nut butters, avocado, olives and olive oil.


Stock on a good preworkout meal

Slow burning carbs are the best things you could take in before your workout, and these can be pasta and rice. This has a clear reason behind it, that is, slow burning carbs take a longer time to convert into glucose which keeps your blood sugar levels comparatively consistent and keeps you sustainable. This will also prevent your body from crashing without energy giving you the ability to train for a longer period of time and that too harder. You should also be sure that you team this meal up with good and healthy serving of protein as well to ensure maximized gain.

Take in a high quality meal postworkout

A high in fat burning carbs and proteins meal is important after you train and what is ideal for this is a protein shake which could be combined with some amount of sugar. This is so because you put your body in a catabolic state when you train. In order to build it back stronger and better you spoil it. Your body can only effectively repair itself if you give it the supply of the raw building blocks. You should also ensure that you are not wasting a lot of time and just bringing the drinks down as soon as you have finished with your training. You can catch up with the remaining conversations after you are done with consuming the drinks.

Take in lots of water

Many people do not pay attention and often ignore the importance of drinking plenty of water in exercise. This is something you should not compromise on since water takes up 70% of your body and in case you get dehydrated you can suffer with your muscle size as well. Three pounds of water can be held in one pound of muscle.