People who are looking to lose weight often face a wide variety of myths and are told to do wild things that aren’t based on any evidence. How do you know what’s fake, and what will actually be effective? These are ten evidence-based tips that will truly help you lose weight.

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Make Sure You Control Your Portions

Counting your calories or merely eating less is extremely effective. Eating from smaller plates is a great way to do this, as you’ll want to fill up larger plates and this can keep you from overeating.

Keep Track of What You’re Eating

Research has shown that having a food diary can also aid in losing weight–anything that helps your awareness is beneficial. You can even take pictures of food to aid your diet.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Eating well and getting exercise is very important, but research shows that sleep can be just as essential. Poor sleep habits is a big risk when it comes to obesity. Make sure you clock seven to nine hours a night, as that’s the recommended amount for adults.

Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated increases metabolism, and consuming water before you eat can help you consume less calories. If you want to burn more calories during a workout, drinking water as you run or lift can help.

Drink Black Coffee and Green Tea

Both are naturally packed with antioxidants, increase metabolism, and contain many benefits for health overall. Be sure not to sweeten your drink, as that’ll take away the benefits. Green tea especially has many antioxidants.

Go For A Run

Studies have shown that completing cardio, or aerobic exercise, burns many calories as it helps you improve your overall fitness and physical health. This type of exercise is especially beneficial if you’re looking to lose stubborn belly fat.

Try Weightlifting

As you diet, offset the side effect of potential muscle loss by getting in resistance exercise. Research has shown that lifting weights helps you keep muscle mass, and prevents your metabolism from slowing down too much. This will give you a toned body.

Have Eggs For Breakfast

Eggs provide many benefits, including aiding with weight loss. If you eat eggs instead of a breakfast filled with grains, this can help you consume less calories for the entire day, as they’re very filling and contain lots of protein.

Take Out Sugar

Sugar brings with it an increased risk for obesity and other health conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. To lose weight, you should cut back on your sugar intake. Artificial sugar is especially harmful, and it’s in a lot of food, so check ingredient lists vigilantly. 

Eat Lots of Protein

When it comes to losing weight, protein is an essential nutrient. Diets that are high in protein boost metabolism, as they take away calories overall. More protein can also help you cut back on snacking, and will help to keep you fuller longer.

Also, don’t forget to track your health progress with a body fat scale.