With a master’s degree in technology, Andrew suffering from backaches, chest pains, financial ruin, and a failing marriage, I decided – one more time – to take control of my life. I am an expert in Dating and relationships. I have worked with several people to reach their own wellness goals. 

I inspire and educate audiences country-wide on how you can change your attitudes to increase productivity as well as morale – specifically during hard times. My programs on stress, attitude, and communication are mainly couched in hilarious and touching stories of relationships,  

When hired to speak, I can bring this extensive marketing background to assist increase attendance and make the gathering to be more productive for all. 

In addition to speaking, I also write articles and blog posts.” 

Before my speaking and writing career, I have a certificate in media technology, I have been a DJ, talk show host, Music Director, Program Director, Operations Director, and later: sales manager, station manager, and general manager of various radio and TV stations.  

After leaving the media, he became one of the independent representatives for an agency that does marketing and won two national awards for TV campaigns I assisted in devising. 

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